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The “New” Retirement Lifestyle

Nov 29, 2017 | Health and Wellness

You might be thinking that your quality of life could use a real boost. You love to travel, write, be active and social. You’re looking for a way to enjoy life to the fullest, but maybe you’re not sure where to start?

If you’re over 55, the answer may very well be a retirement community. Industry leaders are seeing a big shift in the way these communities are utilized today:

“The move to senior housing years ago was primarily made due to need. Typically, a health crisis forced the issue. But more active older adults are making the move to senior living communities as a lifestyle choice, so they can take advantage of the services, amenities and opportunities now, and know they have access to health services before they need them.”

Access to amenities relieves the burden of owning and maintaining a home, while simultaneously building in the kind of lifestyle that allows seniors to truly thrive.

People of all ages can admire and inspire each other. Robert Fowler, president of Retirement Media, Inc, has seen this first-hand.

“I think most people that move into an Active Adult Community feel younger in a year. It’s all up to you, but you will have lots of good examples to show you how to stay younger.

As long as you are age 55, I don’t think you can be too young to move into an Active Adult Community. Most people I talk with say they wish they had moved here sooner.”

The benefits to living as part of a community are long and well-established. So it really comes down to the individual’s lifestyle goals.

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