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So you think you might be ready for senior living? Finding a home that removes all the barriers so that you can live a more active, stress-free lifestyle is the first step. Understanding the costs associated with a living community will help ensure that your decision is the right one for you.

Take an In-depth Look at Your Current Monthly Expenses
Expenses add up when you live in a home especially when you can’t do it yourself and you have to hire out for every little repair or service. Things like mowing, snow removal, repairs, taxes, utilities, cable, internet, TV, all add up and in the end you might be surprised how much you really are spending on staying in your home. Fill out our Affordability Guide Worksheet for a quick comparison to help see how much you are spending monthly.

Refundable Entrance Fee Model Versus Monthly Rental Fee Model
Ávila, like so many retirement communities, offers a flexible and predictable financial strategy with it’s refundable entrance fee model. A refundable entrance fee model is a smart and effective solution to managing your senior living costs. For many the assurance of a prepaid refundable model is ideal. In fact, in most cases, the fee is considered an asset in your portfolio since it is returned as part of your estate. Ávila’s entrance fee model is a predictable and flexible financial planning tool for those who like to plan for the future.

Ávila takes a scaled approach to their entrance fee model that ensures proper long-term utilization of your savings and equity, while providing safekeeping of hard-earned assets while you live here. The fee is due upon arrival and can be transferred to your estate for estate-planning purposes or refunded if you decide to leave the community.

In addition, Ávila also offers rental options on select models. Contact Us learn more.

All-inclusive Monthly Fees
As an Ávila resident, you won’t pay property taxes on your home. And you won’t receive monthly utility bills. Ávila’s all-inclusive, predictable monthly fees cover all your monthly expenses, including utilities, meal plans, security, internet, wi-fi, cable, transportation, home maintenance and community services, housekeeping services and on-site entertainment too. The days of surprise repairs and piles of bills to stay on top of are behind you.

Taking a closer look at your financial situation is important. We are here to help you make the best decision you can. Give us a call to get more answers and learn more!