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The Art of Sushi

Sep 28, 2017 | Life at Ávila

We had an extra special treat when one of our amazing  residents, Mickey Fleishman, demonstrated the art of sushi making for our residents!

Making Sushi at Avila

Mickey captured the imagination (and stomachs) of the captivated audience with her step-by-step tutorial, infused with a rich overview of Japanese culture.

Sushi Demo at Avila

Avila residents learned the importance of rice consistency, ingredient quality and pairing, and tricks to making the perfect roll. Another important note: good etiquette with your chopsticks is always appreciated!

Sushi Demo Crowd at Avila

Perhaps the best part was when we all got to enjoy Mickey’s creations at the end of the presentation. It was truly delicious! We also enjoyed all of the perks that come with sushi: ginger, wasabi, soy sauce, sake and tea.

We learned that when a meal is finished, it is important to thank your host or hostess. You can offer a formal thanks by saying: “Gochisosama-deshita” or “Gochisosama” for more casual occasions.

Eating sushi at Avila

There are so many special things Mickey shared with us. Having a community filled with diverse, fascinating people is a big part of what makes living here such a great experience.

Sushi Demo at Avila

Thank you, Mickey, for sharing your incredible skills and knowledge with us! What will our residents be up to next? You can see our monthly calendar of events here.

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