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What Does Happiness Look Like?

Jan 16, 2020 | Life at Ávila

The Dalai Lama once said, “The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” Here at Ávila, that is a philosophy we fully embrace! So we’re here to ask you a question: what does happiness look like to youWhen we asked our residents what brings them joy, we got a variety of answers. So many of them gave us a big smile, I guess you could say life at Ávila brings us lots of happiness, too!

When we asked Gloria what makes her truly happy, she told us she loves to stay busy and feel young.

smiling senior buying card at country store

My life is so full here and I feel that since I moved here 6 years ago… I have “Aged backwards.” I feel younger than I did when I moved here and it’s due to the new lifestyle I am leading… I love it!”

Real joy can come from so many places—from a great book to a lively conversation. One of our residents, Paul, particularly enjoys visiting our library and engaging in conversations with friends during meals and activities like our Lifelong Learning Series.

resident in front of crackling fire in Grand Lodge

“I cannot live without books. I believe that you have much to learn and contribute at any and every age. Here, I have opportunities to engage—with literature, history, and people who are active physically and mentally. My life is full.”

We’re so lucky to be among this community of people. From special events to quiet nights at home, there’s something for everyone here!

Active seniors playing bocce ball at Avila Retirement Community

Residents learning how to make sushi from fellow resident at Ávila

Interview with two residents - one turning 100 at Ávila

 So, what does happiness look like to you? Come for a visit and you just might find it here! Contact us today for more information or to schedule a tour.