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Summer Fun With The Grandkids

Jul 1, 2017 | Life at Ávila

Are your grandkids visiting you this summer? If so, the relaxed days of summertime are perfect for spending time together and creating new memories you’ll always cherish.

If you live in a retirement community like Ávila and your grandchildren are visiting for the first time, show them around the community grounds so they can get to know where you live. Introduce them to your neighbors and friends. They’ll want to learn all they can about your home.

As you enjoy each other’s company, both you and your grands will form stronger, more positive relationships. And that will have significant benefits for you both.

A close relationship increases the chance for a greater positive outlook and well being as a grandchild becomes an adult.

According to a study by Boston College’s Institute on Aging, “The greater emotional support grandparents and adult grandchildren received from one another, the better their psychological health.” And that’s the biggest reward of all!

Share Favorite Pastimes

Sometimes it’s the every day activities that leave the biggest impressions. Keep them busy by involving them in the things you like to do. You might be surprised to find you’re nurturing the same interest in them.

Do you have a mini gardener on your hands? If you also like to garden, ask for assistance in harvesting some flowers or vegetables. Or if you like to knit and they’re curious, share a how-to lesson and some stories about the favorite items you’ve created.

Keep up the family traditions of going to your family’s special places or enjoying the activities you’ve always shared, like reading books, playing games or doing puzzles.

Learn Together

Surprise your grandkids with some new pastimes by introducing your favorite childhood games. Think marbles, storybook tag, or kite-flying.  For a blast from your past, check out this list of retro games you can teach them. Delight your grands with a few memories about playing your favorite games as a child.

Your grandkids will want to show you what they enjoy doing, too. Invite them to teach you about their favorite things. These days, that might involve an electronic device, so get ready to learn a modern technique. You might even end up with a new app for your smartphone or some tips for staying in touch on social media!

Create New Adventures

Discover new places and activities to make your grandkids’ visits even more memorable.

On a hot day, stay cool at an indoor venue:

  • Explore oceanic wonders at Via Aquarium, the area’s only full scale aquarium.
  • Or get hands on experience with exhibits at MiSci, Schenectady’s interactive science and innovation museum.
  • Visit Saratoga and stop in at The Children’s Museum, where you can get serious about fun and learning!

If the great outdoors is calling to you, you can’t go wrong with a day of picnicking, fitness and fun at The Crossings of Colonie

The younger ones will enjoy the playground and all will appreciate the beauty of walking or biking through the arboretum, orchards, or around the pond.

For more inspiration and ideas for the best of family friendly venues in the Capital District, check out these Top Twenty Places.


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