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the right time to move is now

How will I know when it is the right time to move? When will I be ready? Did I wait too long?
At Ávila we understand how difficult and life changing the decision to move from your home to an independent living community can be. Will I make friends? Will I like my new home? Can I garden if I want to? No one can predict the future but we do know that staying active, engaged and being surrounded by friends that share your passions can add both quality and joy to the years ahead. For many, eliminating the burdens of home ownership brings an immediate sense of freedom and opportunity to do more of what they love to do. Our residents made the decision and never looked back. A few of our residents wanted to share their personal stories to let you know that you are not alone in this process. We are all here to help you start the next step in your journey.

Imagine it: No more home maintenance. No more mowing or shoveling. And no more costly home repairs. At Ávila, you’ll live maintenance free in an amenity-rich community that truly cares. All the details are taken care of so you can spend time enjoying family, find new talents, make new friends, and embark on new adventures. Stop by, talk to our residents. They understand and are happy to share their stories too.


“As soon as we walked through Ávila’s doors, our search was over. We realized all along we were missing friendships” Pat said. “Sure the pool is great, the food incredible and our home is perfect… but it always comes back to the people! We are just really fond of the people here.”
Pat’s advice: Your memories move with you and they don’t take up additional space. Get rid of the stuff you don’t need! The hardest part of the decision is just making the decision!
– Pat and Hank B.

“I knew 10 acres would not maintain itself and I could not see that at my age trying to keep up a large home so far away from my children. It was just not going to work in the long term. I knew it made sense to move, I did it for my children. Sure I miss my garden but I have a lovely home now at Ávila. I am happy.”
Edith’s advice: “Start now and don’t wait to downsize. Your children worry about you so understand their feelings too. Everything gets easier once you make the decision to move.”
– Edith C.

“I don’t think I could have done this well or adjusted so quickly in any other place.” she said. Gloria credits the incredible community here at Ávila for helping her adjust after her husband’s passing a few years ago. “Everyone was there for me. I never feel alone. Now, I do so much and take advantage of everything! I just think it’s a wonderful place to live.”
Gloria’s advice: Move in when you are younger so you can take advantage of it together. It makes financial sense too!”
– Gloria H.


We know that deciding how to live your retirement years is a very personal and complex decision, and our staff is here to assist you every step of the way. We also know that educating yourself and being comfortable with your decision is important, too. That’s why we’ve provided you with some links to help you stay organized and informed.

Moving In
At Ávila we want moving day to be an enjoyable and relaxing experience. To take all the stress out, we’ve partnered with Organize Senior Moves to bring our residents a support program to help them get settled at Ávila. This comprehensive program offers seniors a full suite of packing, unpacking, and moving services so you have a worry-free, stress-free move from your old home to your new home.