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Life at Avila Helps You Stay Young!

May 31, 2019 | Life at Ávila, Senior Living

Our very own Nina Larrabee sat back down with Ami Schnauber of LeadingAge New York for a fun session of “Q and Ami.” Her responses are so genuine and we just can’t help but smile as she shares how life at Avila helps you stay young. Thank you Nina, for your inspiring words!

Q: What are some positive aspects of getting older?

Nina: You do slow down and that’s okay, you have to accept it and that’s part of living. I love to read the newspaper. I can do that first thing in the morning.

Ami: You have time now, you’re not getting your kids on the bus, going to work, or cleaning your bathroom! You have someone to do that for you now.

Q: What age is old?

Nina: I think that depends on the person. There are days that I feel old and days when I don’t feel old. The thing that really helps—and as you get older you’ll appreciate it more—exercising is a great help. Our classes are about 45 minutes. And we don’t dilly dally when we get in there!

We have an exercise room with a treadmill, bike, and all kinds of equipment. Every one of the instructors are great.

Q: Do you feel as though that helps keep you young?

Nina: Yes! The next day I feel much more limber. Doing the exercising does certainly help. At one point I had hurt my leg. I was going into the pool and just water walking. It’s amazing what that water walking did for my leg. I was able to walk and do the hydrobike.

Nina, you are such an inspiration to all of us! You are clearly loving life and living to be your best self. We love that the community at Avila gives you the support and resources you need for a fulfilling and beautiful experience.

To read about Nina’s first interview with Ami, visit our blog. Or to hear the audio recording, visit LeadingAge New York on Facebook here.