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Holiday Safety Tips

Dec 1, 2018 | Senior Living

It’s that time of year when our residences are looking incredibly festive! Even in the glow of the holiday lights, we’re always thinking about safety. So we pulled together this list of tips from the National Safety Council for you and everyone on your list.

Are You Traveling for the Holidays?

  • Use a designated driver to ensure guests make it home safely after a holiday party
  • Make sure everyone in the vehicle is safely buckled in
  • Never talk on your cell phone or text while driving
  • Maintain your vehicle and keep an emergency kit in your car
  • Be prepared for heavy traffic and inclement weather

Give Thoughtful & Safe Gifts

Take Extra Care with Candles and Fireplaces

  • Never leave burning candles unattended or sleep in a room with a lit candle
  • Keep candles away from children
  • Make sure candles are on stable surfaces
  • Don’t burn candles near flammable items, like trees or curtains
  • Don’t burn trees, wreaths or wrapping paper in a fireplace
  • Check your fireplace and chimney for safety and cleanliness at least once a year

Use Caution with Food Safety and Consumption

  • Don’t rinse raw meat or poultry before cooking
  • Use a food thermometer to test your meat’s temperature while cooking
  • Store and refrigerate food within two hours of your meal
  • Use all leftovers within four days
  • Bring sauces, soups and gravies to a rolling boil if you’re reheating them
  • Cut meat into small pieces so it will chill quickly
  • Always wash your hands frequently when handling and preparing food

Remember these tips and stay safe this holiday season! See how our residents are celebrating—follow us on Facebook today