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Great Activities for Seniors with Limited Mobility

Apr 11, 2019 | Senior Living

As we age, we can’t always participate in activities the way we used to. Seniors who have suffered from events like a stroke, heart attack or arthritis may have decreased mobility. But this opens up the opportunity to explore all different kinds of hobbies and pastimes that we may have not otherwise engaged in!

Here are nine fun ways that seniors with limited mobility can stay connected to the world around them:

  1. Read a book, magazine or newspaper – whether you’re looking to be transported to a whole new world, or want to stay sharp on current events, reading is an excellent way to learn something about ourselves and the world around us. In addition to being a great exercise for your mind, reading makes us better conversationalists and can improve memory, reduce stress and delay cognitive decline.
  2. Find a new hobby – so many activities, like cooking, chess, bird watching, indoor gardening, sudoku, playing an instrument or learning a new language don’t require a significant amount of movement. The world is your oyster!
  3. Exercise regularlyour fitness classes, like Sit to be Fit, are designed specifically for seniors and can be perfect for an individual with limited mobility.
  4. Be creative – paint a stunning outdoor scene, write a play or short story, put together a book of family recipes, or knit a beautiful new scarf! When you’re actively creative, you are more likely to have a positive outlook on life, too.
  5. Relax in nature – sip your morning coffee on a porch or patio. Or if the weather is just too cold, sit next to a big window and take in the scenery.
  6. Spend time with family and friends – if it’s been awhile since you’ve seen your loved ones, invite them over for some one-on-one time together. Nothing in life is more precious than spending time with those we love and cherish. It can be as simple as catching up over cup of tea. You’ll be glad you did it!
  7. Play a game – the options are truly endless here! At Avila, we’re well-known for our competitive spirit. See our full schedule of events here.
  8. Watch and listen – there are millions of great movies, TV shows, audiobooks and podcasts. Enjoy a classic you adore, or find a new favorite to love!
  9. Volunteer – there are many great charities out there who need your help. Organizations can often match you to a position that fits your specific needs.

We hope you found one or more things on our list to enjoy. Don’t delay – start having fun and living life today! To see our residents playing games, participating in fitness classes and more, follow us on Facebook.