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Dear Residents,

Thanks to all of your hard work and sacrifices over the last few months. I can report at this time we have no known cases of  COVID-19 within our community Following the latest recommendations from the CDC and the State of New York, we are carefully and slowly reopening our community. Your health and safety continue to be our highest priority.

As we open for tours and visitors to our community, we will continue to keep visitation down to a minimum. When visiting please conform to our guidelines outlined below for the safety and well-being of all our residents and staff:

  • Any visitor who feels sick should not visit. If you have knowingly been exposed to someone with the virus, please do not visit.
  • All visitors, upon entering are required to check in at the reception desk and will be screened for any symptoms by our concierge staff. They will not be allowed beyond this point until they are screened.
  • Face masks are required. Always wear a face mask when visiting and our residents should do the same.
  • All guests should keep the recommended six feet of separation at all times
  • Please do not congregate in the common areas. We ask that your visitations take place on the outside patios or in your apartment whenever possible

Residents who are leaving the community to vacation or visit family. I trust that you are taking all precautions while away by social distancing, wearing masks, washing hands and so forth. You do not need to quarantine upon arrival back to Ávila however…

  • A 14-day quarantine is required if you visit a state with a significant community spread of COVID-19. This travel advisory list is updated daily by Governor Cuomo.

We have a great community here at Ávila and during times like these, we continue to help each other while bringing out the best in ourselves. Thank you all again for your patience, commitment and caring. Be safe!

Shawn Hall


Learn more about COVID-19 and how to keep yourself and others safe and healthy.